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As I lie awake,
A new nightmare.
Another heartbreak,
Some more tears.

I won’t let it break me.
Once again, I swear.
But this pain is already,
More than I can bear.

Maybe I should try again.
But I don’t even care.
‘Cause when I got the mark of Cain,
I knew the world is unfair.

I know what I gotta do.
I can now see it clear.
I’ve gotta stop to pursue,
The ones that I hold dear.

Yes, it’ll be hard at first.
But once I overcome the fear,
I’ve gotta learn to trust,
That what’s mine will come to me right here.

Surakshya Kiju, a.k.a. Coco, is a 23-years-old girl who is passionate about writing. She is a blogger at Poems From Heart, where she pours her heart out, laying bare her emotions as she portrays the world through her eyes. Her poems—which range from rhymes to sonnets—have been published in literary magazines like Cambridge Hall Poetry Journal. Each day, she strives for self-improvement, even as she inspires others through her own poetry. Please check out her blog at :


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