May I Be

May I be bathed in sorrow,
Covered up in grief;
Hopeless for tomorrow,
No sign of sweet relief.

For if my heart can break,
It still has strength to heal.
This world must never take
Our ability to feel.

Jordan is a poet, Quaker, full-time Dad, and personal trainer from Dallas, Texas. He lives with his wife and toddling whirlwind of son, plus Skittles the Bird and The Management (Luna and Lasik, the cats). His poetry can be viewed on his blog, The Hopeless Devotional (; he also has a published book of poems, Sacred Days, available at


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2 thoughts on “May I Be

  1. alive she cried
    no need to task why
    the feeling
    of oh boy!

  2. I love this poem so much full of feeling and hope.

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