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In Case You ask

ever since the day you left
my heartbeat has been delayed

you ask me how i feel
well how should i feel? betrayed

you know how much i loved you
yet yours still managed to fade

i thought i should be angry
but to be honest i cant hate

cause you were always honest
and transparent as you said

and i was always jealous
and too angry as you said

the cards that i have got
i sadly have bad played

your attention what i tried to force
to bad i should have waited

for you to come to me
cause i know happily you stayed

with me you were so goddamn cute
we even got portraied

as a cute couple by an old lady
when i brought you to the train

so how i feel you now do ask
im still suffering, in pain

i miss you so much i cant bear
my heart forever stained

cause i already had you once
and pushed your grace away

i know that i would never
do the same mistake again

but with you i know never
will i have that chance again.

I started writing texts on 25th of September 2020 because i got My Heart broken and didnt know how to cope with My sadness.


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