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A Reminder

Hey you, with the broken heart.
Don’t you think it’s time for a fresh start?
You thought pushing ‘em away was smart.
But you’ve already started to fall apart.

Stop thinking that you’re a damaged product.
That you can’t get out of your demon’s clutch.
Don’t give an outsider the right to judge.
Those ‘normal ones’ live in their heads just as much.

No need to wish that you had never been born.
Just ‘cause you’re a little too concerned.
Even the pretty rose has it’s thorns.
But you got to speak up for them to listen.

I know how it feels to be hopeless.
But it’s not just you. Everyone is a mess.
Go easy on yourself and maybe confess.
All you need is some love and caress.

You’re only afraid of drowning cause you can’t swim.
But it’s okay to be scared. You’re allowed to scream.
No need to try so hard with a smile so grim.
Know that you don’t have to be like the rest of them.

You don’t have to be alone. You can find a companion.
Someone who gets you can be your salvation.
If someone ever questions your strive for perfection,
You got to remember it’s just their opinion.

Your fear to trust again is not gonna last.
Just take your time. No need to go fast.
You know the reason. You’re still too attached.
But soon you’ll be able to let go of your sad past.

Normal is overrated. It’s fun to be crazy.
No need to be worthy. Just try to be happy.
Is it the world or you, that’s your enemy?
You don’t have to be alone. You don’t have to feel lonely.

Are you so selfish that you never noticed?
Or are you just blind or have you been jinxed?
Open your eyes. See the love that still exists.
After all, no one is too broken to be fixed.

By Surakshya Kiju (Coco) (c)


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An FYI for you regarding your copyright notice.
to be proper it needs the copyright symbol, the year published/posted the copyright owners name and preferably the addition of “All Rights Reservered”!! Otherwise your intellectual property falls into the Public Domain – meaning it becomes the public’s property and you no longer have exclusive rights over what you have created. I Wouldn’t want that to happen to you and your writing, My Friend!!

This such an amazing poem, so inspiring! I’m new here and was wondering if you guys could check out my page and give it a follow, like or even just some feedback! Have a great day 🙂

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