In a hyperconnected world it’s a disorder,
For few a blessing, so nothing to bother,
Society renames it as illness,
Fails to see the beauty in stillness,
Switching roles within different relation,
I forgot, who am I ? in this chelation,
Being aloof is not what I need,
Want to be me, away from heed,
Melody in chirping birds, music in flutter,
Revive my mind & remind to declutter,
Winds of dawn coated in peace,
Brings whirling thoughts to ease
Those early hours of solitude seem real jewels,
When I witness pure beauty, nobody dwells,
World asleep, with numerous thoughts buried in head,
Nobody knows this feeling, when grey sky turns to radiant red,
Peace within & that magnificent sunrise,
Empowers this soul & Free it from wordly lies,
Sitting on stairs & fragrance of tea, I silently stare the scene,
My thoughts comes to rest & I am lost, so not to be seen.

I am Dr. Ekta, extremely simple being, a soul continuing journey of this life as a healer, whose sole motto is to spread love and compassion. I am one of the luckiest who have been programmed to see beauty in everyone and everything. Dentist by profession & Amateur writer driven by passion, I love pouring my emotions in words. I believe writing or reading something which caresses soul, purifies mind, ignites emotions is as good as medicines, because you become, what you feed your mind. A Bibliophile-cum-Musicophile, who write to express hidden emotions of souls,  about meaning of every emotion, which have been entirely convoluted by media and world.

People interested in knowing more about human emotions in its pure form can visit my blog for wider perspective and insights.
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