Cooking my boredom away

It has been a long time since I just came here to have a little chat with you. How have you been, I’ve missed you! 

Lately the blog focus was just The Poetry Bar and I kind of went silent. It’s because I actually fell into a routine which suffocates my creativity and my inspiration. As soon as my days start to all look the same, I immediately lose my writing motivation because I just go through the motions, my emotions get a bit shut down and I just live and the life I lead suppresses my inner writer.  

I am back to working from home full time, the corona situation is causing issues in Croatia again so my life is just like wake up, work, eat, take a walk to get out of the apartment, maybe some exercise, maybe see my boyfriend, netflix or a book and sleep. It’s getting exhausting.  

There’s only one thing that has changed recently in my life. I decided to learn how to cook. That’s right people – 24 years old and don’t know how to cook. Who wants to marry me? 

Cooking is the one skill I did not acquire through my years of living away from home. I moved out when I went to university which was years ago and I never showed any interest in cooking. Something sparked my interest now and I have been reading recipes and getting busy in the kitchen. I realized that (apart from the dish washing) cooking really helps me relax. Just after making a few basic recipes I already started experimenting, I understand some things about cooking better. Yesterday I even made dessert. It’s a type of food often eaten in Croatia during the Advent time and since we do not have Advent this year because of the restrictions I made it on my own. The dish is called fritule and it was my first time making them. If anyone from Croatia is reading this and rolling their eyes because I am proud of myself for cooking something so simple – let me be, I used to burn water. 

So, that’s pretty much it for me today. I decided that I am going to force myself to find ways to step out of this routine, get back my creativity and post more often. It won’t be poetry immediately, but I can always come rambling about something else here or even share my new-found cooking skills with you all.  

Do let me know in the comments down below how are you, do you want to share something you have been doing or what has been happening. I love reading your comments! 

Sending love and positive vibes,

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73 thoughts on “Cooking my boredom away

  1. Love you Luna, just checked out your youtube channel. Your awesome. Ahhh cooking, don’t worry it will come. Keep sharing dear ❤️

    1. Thank you! Cooking is a bit challenging but I already gained some basic skills so it is becoming easier 🙂

      1. Love the way you have written. Don’t be bored. Try one of my recipes on and if you like it do leave your comment.

  2. Nice post Luna

      1. You’re always welcome

  3. It is really nice to read your feelings. I am also writing after such a long time as I was busy with regular life. Job, managing home, raising two kids and what not.
    Will look forward to your recipes. Do share.

    1. Obligations can keep us away from writing but I think we always find our way right back. 🙂

  4. What is your youtube channel I would really like to watch! 🙂 Have an amazing day! 🙂

    1. You can find me on this link:
      I don’t have a lot of videos, but step by step 🙂

      1. Thankyou! I will be looking forward to watching!😁

  5. Nice post 😊
    I’ve been feeling down lately, felt like I’ve wasted a lot of precious time mendling over a not-so-necessary thing. My mentor recently told me that I should make myself busy with work or other tasks and start to see things from many point of viewes. So I’m working on it now, and also trying to write a post a day eventho I have to dig out the emotion I need to write, lol. Feeling a bit better actually. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    1. I hope you will get out of that place soon. I am the type of person that throws herself to work whenever my mind is racing or I feel down because work helps me clear out my head and I am not referring to just my work – this also goes for my blog, cleaning the house, working out etc. Wishing you a lovely week 😀

  6. Ditto kiddo… Right there with you. Loved the post. About to head over to YouTube to see what you’ve got brewing over there. Great job and keep up the good work 💚🤘

    1. Thank you for the support!

  7. My creativity has hit a wall. It feels like I’m going through circles, so I’m just writing a little when I feel most up to it. Do let us know how cooking is going. I’m in the mood to bake sugar cookies!

    1. I hope your inspiration comes back soon 😉
      I plan on making some Christmas cookies when I get back home to my mom so I will for sure share how will they turn out!

      1. Thank you and yay!!!!

  8. I’m just pulling myself out of a long writing slump. With the holidays coming up, I’m looking forward to some baking to help put me in the festive mood.

    1. I can already feel the smell of the Christmas cookies and cinnamon in the air 😀

      1. It really is comfort food isn’t it. 🙂

  9. Sending you love!

  10. Oh my gosh Croatia is sooooo beautiful. Wow. Maybe I will get there one day, who knows. And the cooking thing, good on you, I am no Sara Lee either. Maybe I will give that a try too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well, thank you! You should come visit during the summer and also in the Advent time (when we are not in a pandemic). I sound like a travel guide 😀
      Cooking is a great way to kill some time during lockdowns with everything being closed and it’s a valuable skill to have 🙂

  11. I always thought to cook but for that we need so much patience its like solving math problem one wrong step can give you unexpecteble result 😂

    1. The accuracy 😂
      I already had some of my cooking mistakes and lunches that ended up with me calling the pizza place etc., but that is how you learn…not to be on Instagram while your food is burning 😆

  12. YAY! For learning to cook! 🙂 It’s never too late to start and as someone who began cooking when I was 13 I really appreciate your effort to teach it yourself! XD I sometimes wish my family could cook so I wouldn’t have to do all the work. *lol* Take care of yourself and keep on being creative! <3

    1. I applaud the fact that you started to cook so early. I remember that for years I would just slide through the cracks by being the daughter that washes the dishes (my mom and sister and amazing cooks, I don’t know if I missed the gene) 😀

  13. That is funny! When I can’t draw or write for whatever reason, I turn to cooking too! I find that cooking is very creative too and that it can be a great temporary outlet! I have developed my cooking skills over the years and now my husband says he eats restaurant quality food every day. That’s not a bad thing to hear! Please check out She is on Facebook and on YouTube and will show you great recipes that are not too difficult. Have fun!

    1. Oh and I’m sorry the lockdown has become so difficult for you! ☹️

      1. It became difficult because we entered the Advent season which is important for Zagreb (capital of Croatia) where we have a big, festive Advent season. Sometimes there are too many tourists here and it’s impossible to navigate your way through the city center but it’s so beautiful and now with everything being closed, it is a bit depressing. But we will pull through as long as we are safe and healthy 🙂

    2. Thank you for the recommendation. My cooking journey actually came from the desire to “know what is eat” and to lower the amount of processed food in my diet. This year has been a bit of a wake-up call regarding my health and immune system and good food is the way to keep yourself healthy. I hope one day my boyfriend has those words for me, I have told him that I will not cook for him until I am 100% sure in my cooking skills.

      1. There are loads of recipes that are easy but special! Marion’s Kitchen is another one! She is a Thai lady living in Australia. I have learned to cook Thai from her! It’s amazing when your house suddenly smells different from what you’re used to! Woohoo!
        Marion’s Kitchen you can find on Fb and YouTube too. Xxx

  14. I learned how to cook when I was 26 – so you’re ahead of me! 😀


  15. Cooking is a very creative process too and everyone will love you for it!! LOL

  16. This update is great – I have a pretty similar day waking up, work, getting exercise around the apartment, and eating. It’s a pretty boring cycle. I need to change it up if I can!

    Tina |

    1. I like working from home but I dislike not having anything to do in my free time because everything is closed and depressing. Fingers crossed it ends soon.

  17. Hey Luna, i love to cook. There ist nothing better than cooking with friends, even doing the shopping before, and join the meal together. And IT IS an act of pure creativity. Have fun, cook, eat and enjoy!

    1. Thank you! I feel grownup-ish because I am learning how to cook 🙂

  18. Good luck with the cooking from the Swedish chef! 😀

    1. Thank you! Any tips from a professional or maybe some recipes I could try? 😀

      1. More Swedish than professional but my best tip is “cum grano salis” a pinch of salt. Use salt but taste often.

  19. Hey, nice post! I can help you out if you need any cooking tips 👍🏻

  20. Stupid, weird and culturally appropriate and accepted to a large extend, men here don’t know how to cook as much as they say they do. Some, very few do do it sometimes, including me, to help out with the small stuff but it’s not cooking. There’s ample time too, you’ll get there. I’m a 🧔 and a few years older.

  21. Hey Luna!! It’s first time that iam reading you and you are really interesting. Get out of routines, experiment more Keep sharing 👍

  22. Keep up! Fritule are not an easy thing to make, you should be proud of yourself.

  23. I have loved to cook all my life. I am extra lucky, having married a chef, so cooking – and eating – have always been a big part of our life. But these days, cooking is my solace. I love being in the kitchen, but I miss being able to share my efforts with friends. I am sending all kinds of goodies through the post and dropping off packages in doorways but it’s not quite the same. Hang in there – your new skill will come in extra handy when life has more dimensions again.

  24. I have fallen in the same routine of wake up, work, eat, watch a tv show or read a book and sleep. Thank goodness for my dog that makes me get outside for walks. I find cooking and baking a great way to relieve stress to 🙂 X

  25. You’re finally learning so that’s great! Keep your course, you may enjoy the journey far more than you expect! I always look for ways to create recipes, as I get more confident I might post on my blog.
    All the Best x

  26. Hi, My name is Oge. I’m doing well. Work takes up pretty much a huge chunk of my day but I try to find opportunities to read books and review even though I’ve been in a slump lately. This new adventure Of yours – cooking – sounds like fun. Hope you’ll keep us updated on the journey. Off to check out your YouTube channel

  27. Hello m new here and m just saw ur post and I think that u are amazing keep going 💜

  28. well, my life has been a roller coaster since covid struck. Been hard to consistently publish posts. Working full time has left little time to do so. Just taking it a day at a time.

    Glad to know we are agemates😍 I can however brag that I know how to cook most meals😂.

    It must be exciting for you to learn to cook…enjoy yourself Luna!

  29. I didn’t start learning to cook until I was in my early 30’s. Now I have a food blog. It’s never too late.

  30. Its not too late to start learning how to cook.
    I enjoy cooking and trying new methods.

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  32. Hi there! First time reading your blog!
    I myself am a Chef with lots of Facebook video recipes @ “Halointhehammer” that I’d love for you to check out.
    I am a newbie to WordPress blog and still trying to figure this all out, as well as how to navigate lol.
    I do have a couple bread recipes as well as my LIVE Spinach/Hempseed heart Pesto recipe that I hope you will check out on my blog, and much more to come once I get it all sorted out!
    Great Post BTW 😊
    Take care!

  33. I totally relate to the first part about once your day starts looking the same then creativity sort of escapes. It feels heartbreaking when that happens 💔 truly like a part of me has been stolen.

    The cooking situation is still a mess for me but I found that I enjoy baking more than anything, yeah at first it was easy mix stuff, sometimes it still is but baby steps right🤣

    Thank you so much for this. Touched my ❤

  34. How fun! Knowing how to cook gives you so many freedoms and catalyzes creativity in such a fun light. Very exciting!

  35. I laugh because I can relate. Eating and boredom. Twenty minutes to make it for five minutes of enjoyment.

  36. well written post ..

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