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Broken but immaculate

Drifting away with the wind as we walk down the road,
Whispering words in sleep we never dare to speak in daylight,
Left me amidst the troubles of a broken heart.
How do I return to normal with the daisies carrying your name around?
Where do I go to get you out of my system?
How do I breathe air that does not have your scent any more?
Where do I go to bury you?

Floating away like leaves in a river,
Writing words I never dare speak,
Guide me to the graveyard for broken wings.
How do I learn to fly again?
Where do I go to grow my feathers?
How do I glide down the mountain again?
Where do I go to armor again?

Frozen like a deer in headlights,
Speaking words I never dare speak,
Walk beside me while I write a taint-less love story,
How do I tell people it’s not fiction anymore?
Where do I write these words?
How do I convince myself it’s real?
Where do I go to believe?

-Neha Radharapu

My blog link: Translucent Thoughts

About Myself: I started writing a few years ago. I have seriously started working on my poetry only since the past year because of the immense support from friends and family. You can find me on instagram @ecstativine 🙂


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