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I Wish You would’ve Seen

my heart is broken
thats why ive awoken
too much left unspoken
my hands are going numb again
im sorry i dont have the strength
i really didnt mean
to have said the things ive said

i wish you wouldve seen past
i told you that i had problems
just know i wasnt the one
that has been saying these things
couldnt keep up i was thoughtless
all i could do was to watch
how you get hurt by my stings

he swings and swings and he swings,
after that comes big regret.
what did i just hear me say?
is this forreal? am i really that?

i know im certainly not
somewhere deep down there she sings
the voice that i have called love
dragged down for years by demons.

I started writing texts on 25th of September 2020 because i got My Heart broken and didnt know how to cope with My sadness.


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9 replies on “I Wish You would’ve Seen”

I know the feeling. For me, fourteen years later, it gets no better. Time doesn’t heal wounds, it just sticks a plaster over them.
But keeping some of the flame alive can be an inspiration. I have written a whole series of poems I call “Not Moving On”
As I point out, if Shah Jahan or Dante had ‘just got over’ Mumtaz or Beatrice, we’d have no Taj Mahal or Divine Comedy. And as Proust wittily tells us, every artist needs to have one all-consuming love in their lives, so that, when it all turns to shit, they have lots of material and inspiration! Ha ha, Marcel; very funny.

Move on, they said to Shah Jahan;
Don’t beat yourself up with grieving or guilt.
So, forgetting his Mumtaz, he rode off to war —
And the Taj Mahal never got built.

Forget her, his friends said to Dante;
With young Beatrice it’s daft to be smitten!
So he settled for Gemma and worked as a chemist —
And Paradise never got written.

Don’t waste all your time on Kamila:
She’s not into you, wed — and too young!
So old Janáček just retired quietly —
Left his Vixen, un-cunning, unsung.

With the Great and the Good, and with everyday folk,
What matters in love is the giving;
And, bereft or rejected, great things are achieved —
With that passion informing their living.

Though the guilt and the heartache lend fire to my pen,
And ‘Time heals all wounds’ is a con,
I will make my stand here, with my undying love —
And I’m bloody well not ‘moving on’!!!

As a published poet, pain and lots of it is why I began writing. I knew not how to cope in a positive way so I began writing and next thing I know I have hundreds upon hundred of poems. You got this and stay strong.

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