This feels Like dying

they way you treat me
hurts like dying
although for you
i try to be smiling

you dont want to see
they way i feel
you need to feel free
thats your whole deal

whenever you
would see me suffer
i know youd hurt
but will not bother

because youre free
and that is good
you wont by me
get dragged to would

or could or should
its understood
i just cant seem
to get a grip for good.

I started writing texts on 25th of September 2020 because i got My Heart broken and didnt know how to cope with My sadness.


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7 thoughts on “This feels Like dying

  1. You are doing great, keep shining!

    1. Thank You very much!
      Im trying to 🙂

  2. Nice, I can relate to what this feels like. It is crushing. Nice piece.

    1. Thanks alot.
      Yes it is and it doesnt get easier. But Love is Worth fighting For.

  3. Lovely writing!!

    1. Thank You very much!

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