Tell a tale 54: Invisible

In the sea of emotions
there are some that you cannot see.

Like when I smile
I feel I have walked a mile.

When a simple heart beat
Feels like a feat.

I go though life in a haze
While I feel stuck in a maze.

The sadness wraps around
Muffling all light and sound.

When I search for a cause
I find none that give me a pause.

It’s like a battle
But with nothing left to unravel.

For this is depression that you cannot see
But it remains as real as it can be.

 I am Keerti. I am a mom to a lovely 9 year old girl . I work in the software industry and live in Belgium . I find writing very liberating and a stress buster too … here is the link to my blog

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3 thoughts on “Tell a tale 54: Invisible

  1. I completely understand this poem it fits right into my soul.. Beautiful writing

  2. Nice. I can relate.

  3. Hi! Rosewood Publications is calling for submission and in case you wish to get published in their upcoming anthology, email me for details. My email can be found on my post ‘Calling for Submissions.’

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