The End

Woke up, darkness all around.
Looking for a glimpse of light, nowhere to be found.
Wanna call out for help, I can make no sound.
Fear creeps up my skin. I’m lying on the ground.

Stare into nothingness, let my mind takeover.
Feeling oh so hopeless, it’s like I’m drowning in deep water.
The sound of the silence, gets louder than ever.
Body gets frozen, no linings of silver.

Trapped in my body, trapped in my mind.
I wanna dive deeper, but I’m scared of what I’ll find.
But if I go deep enough, maybe I’ll get to redesign.
All these feelings inside me, that have got ‘emselves intertwined.

And now the air feels heavy, it’s getting harder to breathe.
But hey, maybe it’s a good sign, ‘cause finally I’ll be freed.
If this is how it’s gonna end, no, I’m not afraid.
It’s the thought of having to live again, that’s actually got me scared.

Funny how until the end, the pain still remains.
How do I not get soaked, in this never ending rain?
I don’t wanna wake up and go through it all again.
So, if this end will be my freedom, I’m not gonna complain.

By Coco
An aspiring poet with a poetry blog “Poems from heart”


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6 thoughts on “The End

    1. Thank you for your support. Please check out my blog for more of my works. 🙂

    1. I am so happy to find someone to relate to. 🙂 Feel free to check out more of my works on my blog. 🙂

  1. I really like this one

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