Productive Sunday

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. I am having a very productive Sunday morning. I have all of this built up energy that I have to direct towards something. If the weather was better, I would start running. Running is not an option for me when it’s cold because I have issues with my sinuses.

I mean who wouldn’t have a lot of energy after having this delicious breakfast.

Sunday Breakfast - eggs, ham, rice cake, tomatoes, avocado, pineapple, coffee

Guys, don’t skip breakfast. Sunday is my rest day when it comes to working out so I always have this huge breakfast in the morning. Today I had scrambled eggs (I do one egg + one egg white), half of a very small avocado, a bit of ham, tomatoes, rice cake, pineapple and coffee ofc.

I am actually getting busy now with filming a new video for next week and then I got to think of what to do for the rest of the day because I am feeling very…. restless

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Sending love and positive vibes,

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  1. Good morning! Sending positive vibes! 🙂

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