She says she’s not afraid,
if the subject is brought up.
And she believes it as she says it,
walks tall and nonchalantly
through the crazies in the alleys
of the city where it’s dark.

She says she’s not afraid
because she has to.
Fear is a weakness that will
be pounced on unhesitatingly.

She says she’s not afraid
and tries to resurrect
the autopilot
and pretend that too much time
has not passed
between the space she is reluctantly
forced to acknowledge
dividing the woman-girl she is now
and the one she was too briefly.

Hello, I am Rebecca Padilla, aka Becca Waits.  I am currently a soul in progress on this Life journey.  I suppose I was introduced to pain at a young age, having a bi polar Mom, who loved me but didn’t know how to express it.  I found my harmony when I became a Mom, which was the happiest era of my Life, I was the Mom I always wanted, although I was quietly depressed, synonymously with my happiness.  Sylvia Plath understands this dichotomy.  Nature is dynamic, however, and change upheaved my entire existence.  This will not be a short bio if I go on.  I would like to share with you a bit of me, and my struggle, now, as I wrestle with why, and if, my journey here is one that matters.  One day, maybe, Becca Begins.
                With gratitude, 

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