Some News Hit Home

Guys, let’s just have a little talk. 

I did something I usually refuse to do. I watched the news. Actually, I watched and followed just one news.  

A little 2 years old girl was brutally beaten and killed by her mother. Her mother managed to crush the child’s skull with her bare hands. The girl was 2 years old.  

The family was already known to social services, they GAVE UP the child after she was born and social services gave her to a family that actually loved and took care of her. Upon the request of the biological parents, the girl was returned to her biological family. A family that had a history of violence and to a biological father who was already charged for domestic abuse. 5 months later the little girl was taken to the hospital in Zagreb with a crushed skull and covered in bruises. The beating wasn’t a one-time thing. The child was consistently beaten for 5 months and social services DID NOTHING!  

The case hit the news and from then the whole country was talking only about the child that was losing her life in the hospital. The doctors, often in tears, explained that this was the first time in their life they have witnessed such injuries and from the start we all knew that she was not going to make it. She died in the hospital. 

I wish this was the first time Croatia was struck by such an event, but no. A child suffocated and thrown into the sea by his mother in 2017, 4 kids thrown off a balcony by their father in 2019. All of these families were under the care of social services. My family was also under the care of social services due to domestic abuse. I know what it’s like when the system fails you over and over again and it breaks my heart to listen to all of these politicians and social service representatives who are just twisting the narrative. #croatiafullofshit

One day there were indications that the child was beaten, the next day they claim there was no sign of abuse. It is taking them more than 6 days to start spitting out names of those from the system responsible for this tragedy. The grandma of the child went on television and said that she went to social services and told them that the girl was being abused. They did not react, they did not take the child from that family and now they have the audacity to lie to the public and claim that there was no signs of abuse. I am appalled and disgusted by my own country. It’s not that its just taking them some time to gather the evidence – they are burying them.  

I know that corrupt system inside and out, I’ve heard promises of change and I have been through enough shit to know it’s never going to happen. These few days, watching the news about that poor child were triggering to the core because I can hear their rhetoric of lying, covering up, deflecting, talking a lot without saying much. A life was lost, it’s not the first one. How many more little graves are we going to have to dig up before we admit that domestic abuse is a systemic problem in this country and that we have institutions that are not doing their job as they should?  

They are trying to come out with numbers that they are understaffed, that this was an “isolated incident” and that these things are bound to happen sometimes. I can to an extent agree with them regarding them being understaffed, but I want to see people held responsible, I want justice, I want a public trial, I want to feel for the first time that there’s justice for the abused in this country.  

This is why I’ve been off the grid for a while. I was just processing this, many of you saw I did a lot of writing in Croatian on my IG today but I just had to take it off my chest. I honestly believe that all victims of this corrupt system in Croatia need to speak up to finally make everyone realize that none of these are isolated incidents. We have to speak up for those who will never get to say their side of the story.  

I hope that this little girl is in peace now and I hope we will not fail her as a society and let these people get away with it.  

Sending love and positive vibes, 

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9 thoughts on “Some News Hit Home

  1. Wow… the news nowadays can be awfully saddening. Hope this didn’t dishearten you too much. It’s important not to let things like this get you too bogged down, stay strong!

  2. I make it a point to read the news, not watch it. It’s extremely emotionally triggering and I am very mindful of how much I consume. Living in the 24 hour news cycle has many of us unnecessarily spun up. Take care of yourself my dear, sending love ❤

  3. The roots of these brutal actions are deep. Some of them are: consumer society with money as a main goal, alienation from spiritual values, lack of faith in God, violence shown on tv, cinemas, media, internet. All these factors hit the psychic of people and brutal incidents happens not only in Croatia but everywhere in the world.

  4. This is so disheartening

  5. This not only happens in Croatia, you could be talking

  6. oops… You could be talking about the UK too. Rest in peace little one. So sad.😪

  7. This is making me sad and angry and feeling helpless

  8. Children become the victims at home by their own family members. It’s not only in Croatia but everywhere. Yesterday, I heard that a five year old was brutally raped and abused by her step father. Children are the easy victims for abusers. It makes me sick and angry..

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