Windy storms

When the sun shines
And the clouds gather up included
We all assume its gonna rain
Our simple mind frame.

No one knows what goes on up there
A fight or even a broad derange
There is on storm we need to attend to
The storm in our hearts which are as deadly as the flu.

Our dull faces begin the heavy winds
And then the thoughts that follow are at arm’s spring
Causing a storm in there
Making a cold and fragile despair.

Oh those windy storms in there
You keep hiding the without rest
Do you remember too much of everything is bad
But even a little of this storm can drive one to a sick bed.

Its deadly
With diverse effects consistently
Let that wind seize with a warm smile
And forget those thoughts too, they need a hike
Free your mind of all their insight

Don’t you worry over little things
They are all temptations to get back those storms within
Life is complete with a chill smile 😊
And not with the scares of the storm’s freight
So lit up your face with that sunny smile
To live a happy life and spread your joy world wide

I’m Esther but my pen name is KaylaYoung
poet and novelist 
For my art works visit my blog


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