Painting a Perfect love

Note from Luna: We have a new published author in our community. Congratulations to Jude Itakali, we love to see authors grow! <3

I wish you could stay perfect
But each failed love
And each broken heart
Has painted you anew
Brushed you beyond the spectrum of the human eye,
Paranormal shades
That only the spirit can see,
An astroplane
Where dwells
The true colours,
Of love.

I have seen you
Silhouetted on the fringes of my conscience
And my mind begins to sketch
While the heart paints between the lines

You start off classic,
Perfectly Noir
Plush hair, googoo eyes, and heart-shaped lips
Mysterious, cunning and clever.
A dame, a Queen, a lover
One who has sutured my heart
And let it beat with new colour.

As you lie here in my arms
Obliging to my whims
And oblivious to my thoughts
I think of the perfect shade for your sensual lips
And which colour of shadow to frame your alluring gaze
I must think hard and true
For there is no gloss that can hide the deception in a kiss
No liner to mask the vulnerability in the eyes
No shade to truly hide the lust nor the love
The desperate surrender
Nor the hope of forever
So I must think hard and true
As I paint my perfect you
A portrait for my soul
A blueprint for my heart
And a memory for my mind.

Shades of perfection
The Hidden colours of love
Seen through emotion

Deep down, we know what’s best for us.
But what we want is often different.
Many say perfection does not exist,
But I think it is not seen, nor explained, rather it is felt.
That when we strike the delicate balance between what’s good for us,
And what we want,
Perfection can be found, even amidst the faults.

In the corridors of love, at the crossroads of loneliness, we stand at our most vulnerable.
As the winds of love swirl, we are often ill prepared for the portends and promises that they carry.
The longing, lust, fear and deception.
The intimacy of love and the horrors of heartbreak.
But also the hope, renewal and strength from the trials we have survived.
May these poems, prose and short stories touch each in their own particular way,
and bring perspective, compassion, hope, and ultimately;

Title: CROSSROADS(Winds of love)
Category: Poetry and Prose (with some short stories)
Author: Jude Itakali
Available on pre-order Amazon, to be published/released on 17th May 2021.
Language: English
Genres: Romance, Horror, hope, intimacy
On preorder via Amazon at a discount:

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