The searching

I fell in love with my thoughts
I grew deeply with my opinions
I found amusement when I was alone
I was obsessed with papers,pens and inks…
I dreamed endlessly when I was alone….

My mind is a buzz..
My fingers are ideal..
Always enthusiastic always in a rush…
I always feel the need for a words flow through my brain

The craving to see my white paper sheets turned to blue
The blank pages full
The void smell of pages turned to the dump smell of ink
The pen moving from left to right without haste yet smoothly
Gives me some satisfaction,some tingly taste of happiness.

In one way or another a pen,paper and thoughts became my best friends… My name is Sylvia..writing has been something I love doing.its heartfelt and it makes me who I am. I write on broad me grow as am just starting.
listen to my thoughts🤗and flow with my words…for more of this follow at


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4 thoughts on “The searching

  1. Lovely poem on the joy writing can bring 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks 🙏Writing has always been heartfelt for me

  2. Wow if someone is speaking about me.. thanks for putting the feelings on paper

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