Keep your pyramid scheme, I’m good.

Hello, let me tell you all about this amazing business opportunity… BLOCK!


As soon as they are trying to sell you their pyramid scheme, just press block. We’ve all been there, we’ve all had this experience with an MLM or someone we know had an experience with this type of “business”.

I decided to put my experience into an almost 40 minutes long video about how I almost ended up in a pyramid scheme. I know the video is long, but I couldn’t make it shorter. I also did not write down what I wanted to say, I improvised it and once I started talking, there was no stopping.

Check out the video here:

I am going to rest now because I’ve had a day from hell. I am going to tell you all about it tomorrow because I do not have the strength to narrate the frustrations I went through today.

I hope you will all have an amazing weekend. Thank you for being here and for supporting my blog and my Youtube channel, it really means more than you know <3

Sending love and positive vibes,

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4 thoughts on “Keep your pyramid scheme, I’m good.

  1. I had to let a good friend go who tried to get me into one of these things. Thing is he didn’t realize what he was doing. Lol.

  2. Always trust your intuition, Luna. Great video. x

  3. Not to start a huge argument..but MLM’s aren’t all pyramid schemes. In fact, the biggest pyramid “scheme” would be Wal-Mart, or any major chain store. Think about it. You have the CEO at the top, mid-level management, then tons of workers who even with degrees have little chance of moving up to the position of CEO. An MLM is actually an upside down pyramid, it’s a different business model that .any of us avoid because either A) we haven’t been properly educated or B) it just isn’t the norm.
    I’m an independent contractor with Primerica and a lot of people have similar feelings, but we are monitored by the state that you’re lice in and the federal government…
    I say all of this respecting your views and opinions 😊

  4. You have to agree that the people that are really into the ‘pyramid scheme’ type of businesses are very positive and go get’m personality people. They bring that energy. Which is how they sucker us into doing it 🙂
    But I agree, Its sneaky… I’ve been there, done that and that type of business makes you feel a little guilty selling the ideas or products to people after you take a step away from the venture.
    Keep up the great Posts! Regards BigRed from

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