Letter Never Sent

I write this letter that I will never send you
in reply to the letter I never received from you
an eye for an eye, an absence for an absence

I remember lying among summer flowers
both of us naked in the dark
I remember walking alongside you
the forest path opening to infinity

I remember the contour of your hips in the dark
the feel of your crushed lips
the dizziness from navigating your deep salty waters

I remember countless arguments
crumpled faces, empty eyes
you being you and me being me
over and over, to exhaustion

I remember how your eyes lit up sometimes
looking at me

The other night I dreamt of you
We were two strangers in a room full of people
At last.

My name is Florin. My blog focuses on the power of stories. Stories told with words or with photos. The stories we tell ourselves, the stories we are told. I am interested in what makes these stories work. What makes them charm, convince, hurt, or enlighten. I write about stories that move us forward and stories that keep us prisoners. 


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4 thoughts on “Letter Never Sent

  1. I loved how it ended.

  2. Excellent write

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