As you watch the sun go down,
it’s bright orange colours blazing the skies,
remind you of the years you burned away,
self-loathing in front of a mirror.

Listening to taunts from kids
who didn’t love themselves,
why you had to be so dark,
your nose too big and wide,
your lips too thick.

Now when you look in the mirror,
you see a reflection of your ancestors,
and admire the thickness of your black.

You appreciate the way your skin glistens in the sun.
The nose you used to loathe,
You see it nesting your dad’s face,
a man you love so.

The lips you once hated,
is the only prominent feature,
you inherited from your dearly departed mum.

So as you watch the bright orange glisten,
and remnants of the evening sun,
lighten up the sky,
in an array of multitude hues,
you see a poignant example,
of all things beautiful – and beautiful you are!

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  1. Absolutely loved this poem, thanks for sharing!

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