Who’d Be a Poet?

To laugh in the face of rationalism,
to feel that it’s enough to get by
on luck, love and back pocket cash,
to smear your guts across the page,
to write raw gospel truths,
to enrage your family, friends
and everyone else in the process,
to paint poems with your dreams,
to never grow up,
to use awkward sex,
failures and fears as material,
to fall in love with unrequited love,
to fall in love with the insane,
to fall in love with the dangerous,
to wander into fucked up situations
with an addiction for new experience,
to be truly aware of the impermanence
of yourself, everything and everyone,
to feel closer to god and to nature,
to have no one truly understand you,
except for one –
the muse.

Gwil James Thomas is a novelist, poet and inept musician from Bristol, England. He has been nominated for Best of The Net twice and once for The Pushcart Prize. His most recent chapbooks are Lonesome Wholesome Soup (Holy & Intoxicated Publications) and Under The Same Moon (Between Shadows Press), a split with the poet Tohm Bakelas. He plans to one day build a house, amongst other things. 


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1 thought on “Who’d Be a Poet?

  1. I absolutely love this poem. Bravo! <3

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