My Life

Hey,hey look here
Look at me I’m stressed
My heart’s fountain is broken
My life span is being cut short

What’s going on
I don’t know
I’m crazy , yes I do know

Where is the knife, I know what’s next
That beautiful poison with a horrible cheer
I put on my best but its less
I need to leave , yes I’m indeed restless

I’m in a strange world
Where I’m known to be wretched
My poor heart was slit open
It lost its closing furnace

Should I live or die
Both choices with intruging pain behind them
Yes, I know I need help
But my beloved ones seem to care less

I know what to do
I’ll try my best
That’s not my choice but my last respect

Yes there is hope
Seen or not, I’ll cope
Behind this pain
They will always be a smile really plain but fake

It might eat me up
But I’ll never give up
I’ll struggle till the fight is over
Even if it takes forever

Hi I’m Kayla
A young 14 year old teenager
I’m from an African country called Nigeria
I’m an upcoming poet and novelist
Visit my blog :


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