Where did Luna start?

As you all know, my real name is Ana and in The Story Behind The Name Luna I explained where did this name come from. But today, I actually want to talk to you about how Luna started and how I actually started to publish on the internet… and it wasn’t poetry!

“Luna” was originally the name of a FB page that got deleted by facebook for some reason. I had about 2k followers there if I remember correctly and I actually used to post stories there. I would have albums dedicated to each story and the parts of the story would be divided in pictures. So I would post a picture and the description would be the part of the story. It was a simpler time!

I spent hours doing this and hours talking to people on that Facebook page. I remember I would literally be in pain from sitting in from of the computer for so long and typing. I am actually really sad that my old computer ended up broken and when FB deleted my page, I lost all of those stories. They were a bit bad and cheesy because I was quite young when I was writing them. It was all about boys, girls, some scary stories etc. Even though I know I might cringe reading them today, I would still love to be able to have them!

I was actually thinking about creating such content again, I am just trying to think of how to post it which is why I started thinking about that FB page I used to have and how I actually started posting on the internet. It seems so crazy to me that I have been doing this since I was so young! I now have a blog, started to build a youtube channel and I am kind of feeling this need to go back to my “old ways” and maybe start writing stories again.

I was actually going to ask you if you have any recommendations for me regarding publishing stories, do you have any experience with platforms such as wattpad? Would love to hear your feedback!

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7 thoughts on “Where did Luna start?

  1. I would personally love to read your stories and see less of the poetry bar

  2. Wattpad is a good site. I also recommend Flash Fiction Magazine. Good place to submit as well as read stories daily.

  3. I was on Wattpad, but I found it difficult to attract reader without mu posts being deleted for self-promotion. The forums were good, but a few months back they disappeared.
    Inkitt is another platform similar to Wattpad, and with similar obstacles. Medium.com is yet another.

  4. Wow, what an interesting genesis story. Loved it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I haven’t used it myself, but I’ve heard good things about Smashwords if you get a collection together.

  6. Writers network is good, with a strong community. Also, if you use Scrivener for your writing there support and user groups are amazing.

  7. Having the ability to put out so much writing material, I would suggest saving copies of all your work onto a labeled flash drive– just in case something unfortunate happens. (It’s what I do– even with my blog postings and artwork.) I can’t imagine myself losing even my most mediocre stuff– much of which was begun with pen and paper. As for publishing, you can try Amazon and some others for creating ebooks– usually at no cost.

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