Dear Loyalist

You believe him.
Why wouldn’t you – when he serves you the whole world on a silver platter?
But be warned –
Your euphoria is an illusion
It will soon be your head he serves on that silver platter
And when that happens,
Those that once bore the weight of his world will still be there to put your head back on your shoulders
And you will do the same for his next Atlas.
But the scars will never be fully healed
And you will be forever tormented by your addiction to his weight at the base of your skull
That euphoric pain that draws you back every time.
But pain is pain.
It cannot hide itself forever
It will become too much to bear and you will break under his pressure
And you will forever wonder what life was like when there was color
Because when he saturated your world, he used up everything you had left.

Hello! My name is Alexandria. I’m an intersectional feminist and advocate for victims of sexual violence. I frequently post on Medium as well as my new WordPress blog ( . My site is filled with raw and confessional journal entries about my recovery from trauma. Being a survivor of rape myself, my intended purpose for Eternal Metamorphosis is to help victims to feel empowered in the way that is unique to their journeys. I’m optimistic that my stories, and the stories of all survivors shared on my page, will broaden minds and encourage compassion, understanding and ACTION. I’m currently seeking artists, writers, musicians, business owners, creatives etc. to feature on Eternal Metamorphosis. If you are a survivor or member of a marginalized community and you’d like to submit your art to be featured, contact me!Click the link below to check out my site and get involved ! You can follow me on Instagram @alexandriaroswick


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6 thoughts on “Dear Loyalist

  1. That is so true. Amazing work.

  2. This is such an amazing work!! Keep shining 🌠

  3. Great writing from Alex’s sister, Amanda!

  4. Excellently expressed — well done!

  5. wow! This was so powerful! <3

  6. Ooooh, powerful. What a punch in the gut (in a good way).

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