My Journal Notes

I adhered to pour out my felt gleam
In to words,
The Fence of ‘Dos and Donts” hindered me,
My breath was also cleft
and I was pulled back to the Claimed Sacred silt.

My room’ s floor and my shelves were filled
With the crumpled pages,
The Reign of ‘Bricks and Bulks” frightened me,
My Heart was also weary
and I was left out in the Claimed Dignified Door.

I was winged and gifted for some
With rare roar,
The Constellation of ‘ Sophisticated and Sovereignty ” tore me,
My wounds were also sprutting
and I was thrown into the Claimed Ordeal Oracle.

© Annum Shabbir

I am Annum, an obsessed admirer of Nature and a passionate poet. Confessional spirits, natural elements, philosophy and soulful search for empathy are the most honored topics in my writings. 


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3 thoughts on “My Journal Notes

  1. Interesting. Is it translation?

    1. I am glad that it seemed interesting. It’s my own poem.

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