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I am so boring

How can it be that I have inspiration to put out two posts in one day like I did yesterday and today I am just like… What’s writing? Never heard of it!

I think it stems from the fact that my life is so random and boring. I literally woke up today, had breakfast and coffee, worked, went to the library, went to the store, came home, had dinner and now I am chilling in my PJs at 9 o’clock ready to open Netflix! I also became addicted to TikTok because I allowed myself to download it while resisting the urge during 2020. My phone is literally dead by 1 AM since I downloaded it.

I am on my second book of the Millennium trilogy but today I am watching Who Killed Sara on Netflix because a whole new season came and I loved the first one.

Also, exciting news, I got my first shot of the vaccine. To avoid any comments, I did not have any side effects, my hand did hurt a bit the day after the shot, I got Pfizer and I am scheduled to get my second shot already.

And also, exciting news, my mini oven is coming tomorrow. Very excited to share with you my mediocre cooking skills. Excited to make youtube videos to embarrass myself and bring shame to my family by not knowing how to cook anything 😀

I think that’s it for me today. I am trying to push myself to publish more of my own posts even if they are just random rants about what I did today. Like little written mini-vlogs.

My Netflix show awaits. Have a great evening/day depending on where in the world you are and I will write to you soon!

Love you all!

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Life is full of the ordinary moments. Sometimes I wish my days were more exciting and that my writing was on point all the time too. But alas, it isn’t so.

Everyone in the comment section is saying that it’s not boring, well I am gonna say it was boring. Truth be told, the truth is never told. My life is also boring AF and hence the reason I review movies and tv shows…

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