To found another

A roses with thorns,
An angel with horns,
In the darkness you were my moon,
And me being alive, you are the reason.

I love you to the moon and back,
I missung you so much that it sucks,
If you with her I’d lost my good manner and right conduct,
And I cant help but tou pout like a duck.

The time comes and we fade away,
I lost you more every passimb day,
I thouvht this is it should be,
because ther’s nothing you and me.

I have found another comfort,
Someone that know my worth,
and someone won’t make me hurt
but someone don’t own my heart.

Pain is a part of our everyday life,
but the purpose of this is for us to fight,
I may not love him now,
In the next day I know I do know.

Seri Meya


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