Merry go round

Yes, its my life
But I do despise it
Have you heard
When a guardian disliked her ward

That was the life I was born into
It had a bad intro
Now guess how I survive
I’ve adopted to that life

I think my life is a spinning wheel
Where every one takes a turn spin at their own will
Sometimes I wish I were dead
Then I wouldn’t think of killing myself

Yes I’m in a playground
I’m obviously the merry go round
Just like it goes with the wind
My emotions seem to spin

I always smiled at the best and the worst
Without a single crusted frown
They always thought I was never wild

I’ll accept my fate
Yes I will
Even if it lasts till I breath my last breath
I’ll manage it worth my strength

Yes let them push me round till I get tired
I’ll manage myself like a heavy cloud
I will smile and laugh
But never let my sad monster out

I’m Kayla, a young 14 year old teenager. I’m from Africa, from a country called Nigeria. I’m a young poet and novelist.
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3 thoughts on “Merry go round

  1. Nice job👌

  2. Incredible. The poet is from my country so I guess it is easy to relate with every lines. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you so much ❤

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