Why do rain drops?
why do leaves fall?
why do wet drys?
and why did I cry?

I was with you,
I was the one that holds your hand,
We had this special bond,
And I used to be your sandcastle’s sand.

You were my moon,
and so I was your sun,
yet we burn,
we were hurt in each others arm.

we dream together,
and dreamed of being together,
and yet one of us suffer,
and one lie soft on his slumber,

they say apposite attracts,
we are fool to believe that,
we didn’t attract,
we collide.

one of us remains as it is,
while one of us is on pain and regrets,
love? I dont know what is real,
When I love you but you keep on hurting me.

Differences makes us closer,
yet the similarties broke us apart,
both of us want to be the upper,
and none of us wanted to be in the dark.

As the rain falls I’ve decided,
I thought of how we started,
and then at that moment I knew,
and so we parted.

Seri Meya


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2 thoughts on “Opposites

  1. Ah, such a sad poem, but lovely!

  2. we didn’t attract–we collide. I like this somehow humor in sadness.

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