Probably came fast,
As fast as a flash.
There was a flashing of lightning in the back,
Grounded the message from the doctor,
“Doc, can it only be bliss?”
Bliss was the throwback scene,
Seen was maroon, yellow and green,
Green in hand, but now what good,
Good dog, next to us stood.
Stood the time weathering,
Weathered by disease and differences,
Differences in the seasons seemed to be almost nothing.
Nothing stood in their way except: probably-
But, but, but-
Not a final yes to their diagnosis.

My name is Nicholas Leyva. I am a writer and blogger at Ice Cold Water. I am a recent graduate with a B.A. in English from Texas A&M University-San Antonio. I am a tennis player and a trumpet player. I also love all kinds of music from country to metalcore. Poetry is my writing sweet spot.
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  1. Such an interesting poem. I’ll have to read it again. I like the rhythm of it.

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