Wack its

waking up in d morning 🌞 thinking about your life
what’s happening to you why is it not nice
this is not the kind of life you dream about
is not even close to what you like

how will you go about it!?
you are there still thinking
you don’t have a job,but up and down you like roaming
its no longer a news that you love women
and you are there still thinking lying on your mat.
you are complaining abt your mate
being more successful
you don’t want to work but you want to be successful
and you won’t stop eating until your belly is full
so I can’t literally say if you’re full or a fool

thinking about the whole thing🤔
is this not wack!?
you can’t get what you lack
by lying on your mat
get up and start working on your dreams.

Instagram handle : Sulaiman_olusanya

I am Olusanya Sulaiman,from Ogun state but currently staying in lagos


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6 thoughts on “Wack its

  1. Happy birthday Ana! 💚

    (Not sure if you have a birthday related post later today so I thought I would send my message here.)

    1. Omg, thank you! 🥰 I did not put up a post because I am on vacation so I don’t spend much time around my laptop but thank you for remembering, it’s very kind of you ☺️

      1. Most welcome. I’ve seen the pics on insta, looks amazing 👍 enjoy the rest of your vacation 💚

  2. damn relatable

  3. And for me, completely relatable, lovely poem👏

  4. Wowow😍🤩

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