Oh, parents.

The most important thing we’ve learned
So far in this covid crisis as a concern to the children,
Is never, NEVER, NEVER let
Your children to sit in front of television
In almost every house
We’ve watched them gaping at the screen.
They stare until their eyes pop out
They sit and stare and stare and gaze
Until they’re hypnotised by it,
Until they are fully drunk
With all that shocking ghastly junk
Go throw your TV set alway,
And in its place, you can install
A heavenly bookstore on the wall
Then fill the shelves with lots of books
Ignoring all the dirty looks,
That in about a week or two
Of having nothing else to do
They’ll now begin to feel the need
Of having something to read
And once they start— oh man, oh toy!
You notice the slowly growing joy
That refreshes their heart
They’ll ripen soo fast…

Inspired from the verse “TELEVISION” by ROALD DAHL(1916-1990)



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1 thought on “Oh, parents.

  1. Awesome poem, I’m a big believer in reading over TV, my old man reckons the best thing you can do for a child is get them reading. 👏

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