I oft feel like I am on a rocky shoreline
Feet submerged in the warm riffles, waiting
Ripples tickling the side of an old rowboat
No matter how many lifetimes away I am
Know, I’ve spent a million moonlit evenings
Feeling everything- about your presence
From the tone of your delicate voice
To the dazzling sparkle of your irises
As well as the teasing touch of your fingertips
And like the temperamental seasons
That rush upon us unexpectedly on time
So too, does your mood quickly change
Without any rhyme or logical reasoning
And unquestionably, it all makes sense
In the same manner I feel droplets of water
Slowly trace down my bare skin surface
I can feel your anxiety quickly dispelled
On those rare but always welcomed
Cool summer nights in tantalizing breezes
That brings you a great rush of relaxation
Once you rhythmically rock in your wood chair
And transformation has taken me there
Whispering sweet nothings in my ear
Watching that burning amberoid disappear
Like all the daily troubles of forgotten headaches
As darkness is overtaken by lit stars so close
We can nearly see our own hidden future
And in a lone silence, dreams happen
As love has finally been freed
Beneath the subconscious, vividly
Unobserved, you cannot help but smile
As tension of the day gives way, to peace
Our fingers interlaced, inexplicitly
Worry not, it is not some sad loneliness
In the negative contextual sense
It is simply a love sitting … left unmet

Poet of the Light © 2021

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2 thoughts on “Impressions

  1. Such a nice ideas. and how beautifully choose the words

  2. This is such a beautiful way to write about love 🤗

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