Happy Moment

One happy moment, stuck in place,
In which I felt my life was grand.
The roughness of my path replaced,
No longer difficult to stand.

The path I walked was rough before;
I thought I’d lose myself in trees.
The beaten path was oft’ explored,
The only gentle thing a breeze.

One happy moment, stuck in place,
Where Earth transformed, as if to soothe.
A gentle heat, a warm embrace.
The rocky path appeared to smooth.

It couldn’t last forevermore:
To rougher ground I walked apace.
I look ahead, and must adore
A happy moment, like that place.

Hello. I usually go by Son of Sonnet online. I’m on Minds and Gab under that name, and I usually archive my poetry on Telegram at t.me/sspoetry.

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1 thought on “Happy Moment

  1. I love this poem so much! I feel like this quite frequently, and I always wish my happy moments would last longer, and that I could remember them clearly forever.

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