Friendship and Betrayal (The Pyraxon Dragons)

What you love, I hate
What saves you-my fate
What you laud, I mock
What you unleash, I lock

What you do, I don’t
What you will, I won’t
What you attract, I repel
What you call heaven, I call Hell

What you want, I need
What you obey, I don’t heed
What you condemn, I commend
What you mend, I rend

What you are, I ain’t
Yet here we are,being friends,
What you’ve done for me, I haven’t,
But I’ll always be with you till the end.

Hey! I’m Prabhu S, I don’t wanna reveal my real name. I love writing poems and reading science, and I also like listening to music and playing the piano. My poems come in all shapes and sizes, so here’s one from me. For more such poems, you may refer .
I know the website looks dumb, but you’ll have to manage, I guess.

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