A day spent in bed *involuntarily*

So I had to spend the day in bed today when I had other, more important plans. 

I was supposed to go to Zagreb today, had a whole to do list and I woke up with the worst headache and I was feeling nauseous and felt like I am going to vomit. This is not the first time that this has happened to me so I decided to extend my stay with my mom for a while and do some blood tests because this is freaking me out a bit.  

My mom was having lunch at my sister’s today and I was all alone, listening to music and trying to find a comfortable position in which I do not feel like the top of my head is getting detached from the rest of it. It’s fucked up when your head hurts even when you are lying down.  

I am a bit scared that with my new diet caused by my food intolerances I might have an iron deficit or might be lacking some vitamins. The doctor who was in charge of my food intolerance test said that as long as I keep a balanced diet and do not throw out certain food groups but just substitute them with something I can eat that I should be fine so I hope that will be the case. 

The other thing I am scared of is that my thyroid is not functioning properly again and that they will have to increase my therapy again.  

I honestly think it might be the first one, that I might be in a deficit of vitamins or iron because I noticed that my nails are very weak and they started to kind of peel off at the surface and that is often a sign of iron deficiency. 

I will not get ahead of myself, I will go to the doctors and wait to see what they will have to say. Maybe it’s nothing and I am just suffering from migraines more and should stay away from my laptops when I am not working.  

So that was pretty much a very crappy Sunday for me. How was your weekend?  


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5 thoughts on “A day spent in bed *involuntarily*

  1. Oh wow, that does sound scary indeed. Am wishing that you get good news from the doctor. Hopefully, your Sunday will not be representative of how your week’s going to turn out!

  2. Hang in there and get good news from the doctor.

  3. So sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hopefully you’ll get things figured out.

  4. Not meant to worry you, but you might want to have them run an MRI on your brain. We recently had a good friend awake with a horrendous headache. It turned out to be an aneurysm in the brain. Sadly, he passed away. Better to be safe????

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