Adapting to change

Good Morning everyone! 

I finally moved this weekend. It was a whole process that is luckily behind me now. I was so exhausted on Saturday and Sunday but it was worth it because I am absolutely head over heels for my new apartment. I am going to make a Youtube video soon about moving and tell you all about it.  

I have literally been in recovery from all of the stress since the last weekend. Now it’s time for oversharing on the internet! I was under so much stress because of my mom being ill again, moving and other things that I managed to get two periods in one month. In a timespan of less than two weeks. Welcome to the wonderful world of being a woman! 

I have been focusing on the last few days on adapting to this change, new apartment and trying not to get upset about anything. I have been shopping for some things I still need for my new place, I’ve been ironing and washing my clothes, reading, relaxing, organizing my stuff etc., practically doing anything that will relax me and currently it’s housework.  

My mom is going to come and visit me this weekend because she wants to see where I live now and, mothers will be mothers, she is coming to tell me that I organized my stuff wrong and she will do it better. And I will absolutely let her because she does these things better than I can. In two weeks, I will also be going back home because of a doctors appointment. I am actually getting my eyes checked finally which means that soon you will have a Luna with glasses. I just hope it will get rid of my headaches! 

That’s enough rambling on my part. How have you all been? 


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2 thoughts on “Adapting to change

  1. Sending positive vibes 🙂

  2. Good job on getting it all done, now relax and recover! 🙂

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