No sleep hangover

I have the worst hangover of my life and I didn’t even drink this weekend. I spent two days in a rented out room because, due to my job and a shift until 11 PM, I had no way of getting back home from Zagreb on Friday and Saturday and I didn’t sleep for the last two nights. Let me tell you all about it.

Since I am not really the one to spend massive amounts of money on a room to sleep in because of my job I took one of the affordable, but still nice rooms. Well, considering the room I was in it wasn’t nice and due to it not being nice it was also not affordable since the room wasn’t worth the money.

It seemed way better on pictures (as always). I arrived to that building, got to the third floor and there was a woman that showed me to my room. The whole floor was filled with rooms which were being rented out. She showed me where to turn on the air conditioning and she wasn’t quite as friendly as you’d expect a host to be and then she told me that, since I paid in advance, I can just leave the card in room when I leave and that there was no need for a checkout process. Then she took my ID and TOOK PICTURES OF IT which, speaking from experience because I worked as a receptionist, is not allowed without consent and she didn’t ask and took 20 kunas for the tax for staying in the room. I never got a receipt for that. Everything was so weird but I was like okay, it’s just two days.

When she left I scanned the room a bit. The sheets on the bed were a bit rough but I wasn’t complaining and then I entered the little bathroom every room has. The smell. Guys that smell. The bathroom itself was visibly cleaned but I honestly hope someone will tell the owners to take the fucking shower curtain and wash it.

I couldn’t fall asleep at all these two night in that room. The pillow was awful. I tried to fold it in many different ways to give some support to my head while sleeping but it was like made out of cotton candy. You can bet your ass my back is hurting. My nights were filled with rolling around the bed, playing music to help me fall asleep and in the end watching Shadowhunters because sleep wasn’t happening. I checked out this morning and came to Zabok absolutely exhausted and took a good 2-hour nap to feel like myself again.

But it’s not all negative. I talked to a girl that’s looking for a roommate. She said I am the first one on the list to see the apartment and that she already prefers me over the other people who applied for the room. I guess all off your good wishes produced this miracle to happen because finally someone wants to give me a place to live in Zagreb! I am not getting my hopes up or anything because I don’t want to be disappointed in the end but I still wanted to share the good news with you. Okay… I wrote a lot in this post. Time to goooo. Thank you so much for being so positive and sending your good wishes on my last post.

Sending love and positive vibes,


I’m kind of homeless

Hello everyone!

Sometimes, and that sometimes happens a lot lately, I use this blog to share with you my frustrations, or something that’s bothering me. I need my blog for that tonight. I just need to vent.

So as you all know I am from Croatia, I live in Zabok and work in Zagreb which is Croatia’s capital city. Ever since I started working in Zagreb my free time has seriously suffered because I have almost none. It affected my blog and my life in general but I am not complaining about that because I really like my new job and it was my decision to get out of waitressing.

One thing I dislike about my job is the fact that there’s a shift from 3 PM to 11PM. I was supposed to work that shift this week but I exchanged shifts with one of my colleagues but I still have to do this shift tomorrow and on Saturday. Here’s why I dislike this. I have no trains after 11PM. I do not have a car and also, I forgot to mention this to you, I fucking failed my driver’s test. I have no way of getting home. I don’t have an apartment in Zagreb. The only friend I have in Zagreb is currently back home and I do not have the key to her apartment. I am homeless for the next two days. Isn’t life great?

I actually had to rent a room for those two nights so I will go to work for nothing because the money I am going to earn in the next two days is actually covering for the room expenses. MY GOD!

All of this made me realize that I have to move to Zagreb ASAP. I have spent the last week looking for a place in Zagreb that’s affordable and I found nothing. Absolutely nothing. The apartments I like are either insanely expensive, in neighborhoods that are too far away from my job or the people renting the places only allow students to move in. I don’t know how it is in your countries but here a lot of students live in apartments if they go to study in a different city. I also lived in an apartment while I was in Zadar.

I am so frustrated. I had two days off and I literally spent them refreshing ads and staring at my laptop looking for a new place. Zagreb is a type of place where someone puts up an ad for renting an affordable apartment and literally the apartment is rented out within 2 hours.

Anyways, I will be sleeping in a rented out room for two nights. All of this is just making me want to cry and live at the train station. I can’t write anymore because I need to pack my stuff for my two days field trip to… MY JOB!

Sending love and positive vibes,


OOTD and some update

I was unable to post any outfits on Instagram lately because my room looks like… There’s no words to describe what my room looks like. Me and my mom are redoing the apartment, everything is not where it’s supposed to be and when I say that trust me that I mean that. I have a fridge in my room. A FRIDGE. I  have nothing against midnight snacks but there’s a fridge in my room. I cannot.

We are currently redoing the floors in the kitchen, living room and dining room so we had to move all of the stuff out of those areas. I know you’re thinking that we could’ve just carry everything to the basement but people this is your girl Luna. You can bet your ass I live on the last floor of a building that doesn’t have an elevator. I literally cannot walk through my room because there’s so much furniture in it and that’s why I haven’t posted any outfits. Also, I love to buy clothes, not ashamed to admit that, but currently I am in a financial state where I just pray my paycheck comes on time so I wouldn’t have to start begging on the street. No shame in being broke, we’ve all been through that especially when switching jobs.

Anyways, I think I have nothing else to write down. Have a lovely day and I promise I’ll get active on Instagram as soon as I stop having a fridge in my room.


Sending love and positive vibes,

I got a nephew!

I got a nephew!

I became such an incredibly lazy blogger. Shame on me! I don’t have any new stuff written but I did feel a bit guilty for not posting in a while so I’ve decided to just check in with you guys. I have some beautiful news.

My nephew was born. Those nine months my family spent waiting for him felt like an eternity and my sister had a difficult pregnancy, went in and out of hospital, but when you look at those big blue eyes of his and he holds your finger with his tiny hand you know it was all worth it. Giving birth do David was extremely hard for my sister but she stayed strong and I’m so proud of her and I know she’ll be an awesome mom. I just have to point out he has my eyes, like Harry Potter had his mother’s eyes. So glad he has something of mine!


20160415_170558 20160414_121935 20160413_185424 20160415_112329


I went home on Tuesday and I came back yesterday.


The first night I got home I was dead tired but did not move an inch from him. That why I look like I’m going to die on this picture.


I had a pancake night with my sister, brother in law and best friend/neighbor.


My life seems empty without him now. I just miss my little David so much. Thank God that in a month I’m going home for my cousins weeding so I’ll be with him again.

As I said on a previous post, I’ve moved into a new apartment aaaaand I still have no pictures of it. I promise that by the end of the week I’ll post some up because it’s truly a beautiful apartment. I live inside a house and in the apartment next to me are two guys and I became friends with them. Since I’m an idiot in the kitchen my boys make sure I always have something to eat. I would probably starve without them. We hang out a lot, my friends come over, we drink a bit and just have a good time. My friend Ivana and I even had a Harry Potter marathon with them. It lasted for two days.

20160410_013452 20160409_13082820160407_16210820160406_221716

The weather in Zadar is awesome now so I took a lot of walks with my friend Andrea because the sea salt is in the air and the sun is shining all the time and you can just feel the summer coming. Also Andrea, Katarina and me went to watch My Big Fat Greek Weeding 2 and died laughing.



20160403_175501So in general that’s a bit about me. Like I said by the end of the week I’ll post the pictures of my apartment and maybe write something new but now I’m back to the books because I have an exam tomorrow and I did not study this week because I couldn’t separate myself from David. Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow.

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I moved!

I moved!

Hey everyone! For the last few days I was a bit absent and the reason why is that I was moving to my new apartment. I’m actually from Croatia, a country in Europe and I’m 19 so I enrolled into a university this year and I had to move 400 km from home. I used to live near the capital of Croatia but now I live in Zadar.

It is a beautiful town and I already love it here. My apartment is a few meters from the beach and it’s so peaceful and beautiful here. As you could tell from the poem I published last night I’m already in love with the sea here!

I decided to put my camera into a good use so here are a few pictures of the place I live and I will be publishing much more photos of the town as soon as I get completely settled. Enjoy!

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