I can’t believe this

I cannot believe the words coming out of my keyboard right now, buuuuut…. I GOT AN APARTMENT. 

I cannot explain how relieved I am. This whole ordeal lasted for three fucking weeks and I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found an affordable apartment that’s in an incredible location and that is not a studio apartment. I am literally going to have a bedroom in the apartment and I haven’t had a bedroom in a rented apartment for the last two years of living in Zagreb. I am just speechless.  

Thank you everyone for all of the support and all of the positive vibes, you were really incredible. Like yesterday I wrote that I still cannot find a place and that I am constantly refreshing ad listings and now it’s finally over. That feeling of closing the tabs on my laptop with the add listings and fb marketplace was the exact feeling of closing the tabs on your laptop after writing a big essay for school or college. That feeling just took me back to my days of being a student and writing my papers the night before I had to turn them in.  

I think that I am going to spend the rest of the day walking around and smiling like an absolute idiot because I am just so happy. I know that moving is going to be hard because when I moved into my current apartment I had to bring plates, glasses, everything and in the apartment I am going in now I have all of these things. I am going to have to put a lot of effort and time into moving and probably get my boyfriend and brother-in-law to come and help me out but I know it’s going to be worth it. 

Thank you again for being so supportive and going through this whole experience with me. Cannot wait to share everything with you once I move in.  


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15 thoughts on “I can’t believe this

  1. Congratulations…

  2. Hoooray !!!!!!! You go girl !

  3. Great news, Luna!❤❌❤

  4. Congratulations. Getting a place of your liking is a big thing.

  5. I can’t imagine waiting so long to finally get an apartment! I am so happy for you!!!

  6. Awesome. That’s so great to hear.

  7. Congratulations, Luna! You deserve to just be happy and smile. 🙂

  8. Congrats on your new place.

  9. Zagreb can be great, but challenging, at the same time. Congrats!

  10. Enjoy!! You deserve it 🙂

  11. So glad things have worked out for you and made you happy!

  12. Congrats Luna! All the best to you.

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