I am a plant killer

Here’s to Friday and long weekends! 

I am chilling with a glass of wine, finally fully settled in my new place and tomorrow my mom is coming over for the weekend and I am all types of happy about this. I know she is going to make me organize my stuff better by subtly commenting on everything as moms do but my new apartment is going to look better then. And she is also buying me a plant that she claims not even I can kill. 

My boyfriend also bought me a plant and I followed the instructions on taking care and watering the plant and it’s dying for some reason. I will let my mom take a look tomorrow because I don’t know what I did wrong. She has a lot of plants and she is obsessed with them so hopefully she will know what to do. Her and me do not have plants in common. I hated watering her flowers when I was a kid because she had a lot of them around the house, in the front yard and garden. I think that the fact that she forced me to water the plants when I was a kid made me not care about them as an adult. 

But I do think I am starting to like plants because as soon as I got into this apartment, the first thing I thought was that some nice, green, houseplants would look great on the shelves. 

The only thing lacking in the apartment is decoration on the furniture but currently all stores started putting out Xmas decorations and I don’t need Xmas themed decorations now. I will get some in December but now I want decorations that will be around all year long.  

That is pretty much it from me for today. I am going to find something fun to watch or go and read. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful evening! 


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5 thoughts on “I am a plant killer

  1. I hope your mum saves your plant! Have a great weekend.

  2. Having plants in the house relieves the stress.

  3. I was always death to plants too except for a peace lily that only flowered once in its first year. I have had it for years! Then during the pandemic, I got interested in plants and realised you had to feed them as well as water them! Now I have 2 plants in my living room and three pots of herbs on my kitchen windowsill. My peace lily has flowered 9 times this year!

    1. What a coincidence, I just got a peace lily today! Hopefully I will be lucky and it will survive with me 🌼

      1. Just remember to feed it! 🙂

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