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Hello everyone! 

How are you all doing?  

Since I talked a lot about having to get blue light glasses because my eyes were suffering with how much screentime I have, I wanted to also let you know that they finally arrived last week and yes, my love for Harry Potter had a lot to do with me getting these glasses.

Of course, I ordered them online. I forgot what a store that doesn’t sell groceries looks like. I am preparing myself mentally for the Black Friday madness because there’s already some things in my cart that I would like to get.  

My screentime has increased a bit in the past few days because of a little project I am working on. I told you that I have a creative itch, and for the longest time there was this idea for a book that was messing with my head. It was like a puzzle that was forming in my mind but I was missing some key pieces and could never start because I didn’t know where to start from.  

That’s when I decided to write as much as I can for my blog and journal so that I might gain some clarity about this book idea because it wasn’t leaving me alone. I took baby steps with investigating some things that were important to me and yesterday evening I spontaneously sat down and started writing. I didn’t write a lot but two pages is more than zero that I had. 

I used to write stories when I was younger so I know how my creative process goes. The part of the process I have a love-hate relationship with is definitely my obsession with developing the plot and the characters in my head. I zone out and just visualize scenes in my head constantly.  

That’s pretty much it from me now. Wanted to come here and just talk about random stuff since last week all of my posts were hopeless messes. Thank you all for being here and let me know down in the comments if you wrote or published a book and how it went for you! 


7 thoughts on “Writing a book

  1. I began to write song lyrics and poetry to get through a difficult time in my life. I thought that what I had written would be relevant to others, so rather than keep them to myself, I made the decision to publish them. Many of the comments I received confirmed that I was correct.

    That began my love of writing. I then published a book of science fiction short stories, have a novella being edited, and another in the works, along with another poetry collection.

    Along with that, I also write a blog almost every day.

    I write to entertain, but also to give others something to think about, and I’m glad I took that first step which let me to discover my love of writing. My advice: Go for it!

  2. A blog is alreadya full-time activity. A book would be too much. I really look forward to see your book in stores!

  3. I hope the book writing goes well. It’s great to see it in print when it’s finally finished.

  4. I’ve self-published a handful of books: a few novellas, a short-story collection, a poetry collection, and a kid’s book. Finishing each project gave a wonderful feeling, and I’m proud to have the books out in the world. Like with anything, there are up days and down days in writing, editing, layout, etc. But all worth it in the end. Good luck with your writing!

  5. I write poetry for my blog and published a book with poetry written over a period of four years when I was a home maker. My book is titled that Indian girl in Sweden. I wrote it during my stay in Sweden. It didn’t sell much since poetry has less takers but it made me happy and proud. My friends and family who got it felt happy about it. So overall it’s a rewarding process so go for it.

  6. Good on you. My stepson has just published a book that took him 13 years to complete whilst fighting his mental health demons. If he can do it, anyone can. He is on the phone being interviewed by a journalist right now. The book will be launched on 11 December but is already available on line – https://www.xlibris.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/815487-if-this-is-the-highway-ill-take-the-dirt-road

  7. You can do this! Writing a book is all about taking small, imperfect steps before coming up with an entire piece of work. Wishing you all the best on your journey.

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