Poem #281

Loneliness smells like argan oil mixed with your perfume. 
So sweet and so poignant.  

Mornings in bed with you. 
Music in the background,  
your hand travelling from my waist down. 
The flavor of warm coffee and toast, 
your stubble tickling my neck. 
The ways in which you would drown in my body. 
The smell of argan oil on my skin mixing with your perfume. 
And now loneliness has a scent. 

It smells fresh like the morning. 
It smells like coffee. 
It smells like argan oil mixed with your perfume. 
It smells like the days of happiness lost.  

Lately I’ve been drinking tea in the morning. 
I don’t open the windows when I wake up. 
I have a coconut body wash now. 
But I can still feel the mix of argan oil and your perfume all over my body.  

2 thoughts on “Poem #281

  1. I’m in love with this poem

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