So many distractions

Some higher power wants me to fail. Like, rainy days, holiday mood outside and now Money Heist came back to Netflix. How am I supposed to function when my distractions are just everywhere. I cannot open Instagram without seeing someone talking or posting about Money Heist. I know that if I decide to sit down and just watch one episode, I will end up watching all of them in one sitting because I have no control with my favorite shows.  

I know I will fail during the weekend and spend the Saturday watching it, but I am trying to maintain control today because I have to listen to my classes, do my workout and other tasks on my to-do list.  

The reason why I force myself to listen to classes every day is because the faster I finish it, the less I have to pay. The classes are pre-recorded and the estimate is about 6 months to finish the course but if I can get that down to four months, I will save money and that sounds good to me. I don’t know how feasible that is considering the fact that I spent 4 hours yesterday listening to the classes and solving the exams.  

But I am passionate about this. I am interested. I don’t mind re-listening a video if I think I did not get enough from it. I did something I haven’t done in 3 years of university – I have read additional materials. I’ve never done that! 

Please do not spoil Money Heist in the comments, be nice to me! And expect me to come tomorrow with a post saying that I binged watched it. I was good this week, I deserve to indulge a bit. I think. I don’t know.  


4 thoughts on “So many distractions

  1. I’m also looking forward to money hiest finale

  2. There are always a lot of distractions. I think the secret is to allow yourself part of every hour to do what you want. 10 minutes? And then work the rest. Like a reward.

  3. Life for me is an indescrebably complex experience. That might be why I’m a passionate blogger about life myself.

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