Technically, I did not fail

I technically did not fail. Yesterday I was fighting my urge to binge watch Money Heist because I had a lot on my plate and had to finish my lectures and I stuck through it and I did not end up on Netflix but todaaaaaaay…. Today I did 90% of my tasks and I studied for hours, revised the lectures from past week, prepared myself for next week lectures and now I deserve to chill and finally watch at least one episode of Money Heist. You all know I am not going to bed until I watch them all which is not the best idea because tomorrow I have to wake up early, get on a train and go to my mom’s for a family lunch which will, for the first time ever, also include my boyfriend. 

Tomorrow will be fun. I am kind of nervous. Also, my 5 year old nephew has a bit of a jealousy problem and has already expressed his dissatisfaction with my boyfriend coming over for lunch because I am his aunt and that is it. I do not exist outside of that frame. He is a little cutie, but the problem is he can get creative sometimes so I hope he will be good tomorrow and no food will be flying across the room. I already kind of expect him to sit on my lap during lunch or sitting in between me and my boyfriend but that is the best possible outcome in this situation. 

I am going to watch Money Heist now! So excited!!!! 

Also, I published a little Coffee Date today, if you’d like to check that out! 


2 thoughts on “Technically, I did not fail

  1. Aww. I love this. Hopefully nephew and boyfriend get along well and maybe boyfriend could do a couple ice breakers for nephew. Five year olds are easy to entertain. Trust me, I got one of my own.

  2. That’s a win if you ask me. Every time we resist our temptations in place of doing other important things is always a win. Enjoy watching Money Heist!

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