What’s been happening

Hello everyone! 

I am still struggling with a bit of a creative block, so I decided to just ramble for a bit. 

So two good things happened lately. I finished my Project Management course and started to study for my exam and I’ve also went back to working out. As you know, working out is my one habit that keeps me grounded and helps me fight my procrastination, so two weeks in the Epic II program and I can already feel the difference. 

I started waking up earlier again and eating better but I still have issues with getting some quality sleep. I struggle so much with falling asleep and I have been having these crazy dreams that wake me up at night. Any recommendations about this? I try to read and journal before bed, stay away from my phone and laptop but it isn’t helping much. 

I’ve also had to disconnect myself from the news again. I did this during the pandemic as well because I would just drown in my anxiety and right now the fact that a drone fell on Zagreb, the city I live in, is making it kind of hard to not picture the worst case scenarios. I plan on watching the news sometime this week because I still want to know what’s happening, but I am not watching it every day.  

So how have all of you been?  

I am very sorry that my break from blogging has been going on for so long but I do believe my creativity and inspiration is due to make a comeback soon.  



Hopefully, I will get back to my channel but until then:

2 thoughts on “What’s been happening

  1. Follow your dreams! …record them. When they’re crazy it’s good to look for patterns/become more aware of dreaming. Maybe a line or two in your journal.

  2. Keep taking good care of yourself. The blog will be here. I agree with TruthTeller, record your dreams if you can when you wake up, it can really help to write them out. If you have an essential oil diffuser, some lavender in it just before bedtime can help induce a better quality sleep. Or you could try a meditation app, some soothing music to listen to after you turn the lights out. These things helped me quite a bit when I was having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Best of luck ~ Wendy

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