Poem #295

I am looking for love that is everything
besides comfortable and peaceful.

I want the “all-consuming,
I know every inch of your body,
be out in 10 I have to see you
I will move mountains to be with you” love.

The type of love that no longer has limits
and provides all of the pleasures.
It should remind me of teenage infatuation,
make me weak at the knees with a simple kiss,
it should hold the type of passion that doesn’t end
once you get used to each other.

It should always feel new and exciting.
It should make me feel like an actress
because that type of love only exists in movies.

It’s the love that burns,
love that heals,
love that books and poems are written about,
love that is inappropriate,
love that kills inhibitions and common sense,
love that devours
love that changes the course of your life.

Love that is a deep ocean in which you jump
even though you don’t know how to swim.
You embrace the fear, risk everything
because living without it is the same as dying.

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1 thought on “Poem #295

  1. I have to be careful with my tense here, but I have had the opposite of that love… the other side of the spectrum, and honestly if I am not your everything and if you are not my reason for being I don’t know if I want it.

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