Should I publish on Kindle?

Before diving into the Kindle publishing, let me tell you what I did! I have been using some vacation days this week and I decided to sit down one day and dedicate myself to my blog. I wanted to go through all of my poems and remove the ones I no longer want to have on my blog or ones I would like to rework and republish.

Also, I want to assemble some of my existing poems with a few new ones and publish them on kindle as a book so I just had to go through all of my poems here on the blog. I removed about 120 of them (don’t know how to feel about that) and since my poems are numbered, I wanted them to remain in order and I changed the titles of the poems and the links.

I basically made all of the links to my poems that are on social media invalid now. I only figured that out when I was done. It didn’t cross my mind before. I was so angry with myself but I have to make peace with it, can’t fix it now. Maybe I should start writing titles and not just numbers for poems when I publish them….

Now, regarding kindle!

I wanted to ask all of you if you have any experience publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing?

I have done a bit of research but I would like to hear from you. I am creating the ebook in Canva because I just find it easy to work with and I downloaded some tool called “kindle create” so I can check my ebook in it once it’s done.

If you have any tips and advice for me, that would be great. Let me know what you used if you created your own ebook and how does the publishing process go.

Did you maybe use some other site to publish your book or did you use multiple sites to sell it? I want to hear everything!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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6 thoughts on “Should I publish on Kindle?

  1. I published all my books on Kindle and don’t regret it. Along the way they made it possible to publish as paperbacks. I and my late husband did it all by ourselves, but the last book we did was in 2019; probably there will have been changes and improvements since then. I have short story collections I want to publish and I am wondering how I will get on as I will have forgotten a lot of the process, I shall approach it as any new person would. I think you are guided step by step. It is worth having a go.

  2. I’m kinda in the same boat.
    Dipping my toes into Amazon, Google and other such multi-platform confusion. None of them seem to have any regard for poetry or how I want it to look and flow.
    For what it’s worth, I learned me the basics of ebooks by using Sigil and, using the Keep It Simple Stupid approach, I can nearly all most pass muster with most of them.

    God Speed.
    I hope you make it.
    The whole publishing thing finds me soul crushed for days.

    1. “Soul crushed.” I can relate to that feeling regarding publishing. It can be so very “soul crushing,” indeed. I am not quite sure what to do with all that I have written. I tried to self-published with Kindle/Amazon and, well, I felt like I was throwing an echo down a water well with no response. . . Sorry to sound so discouraging. . .I certainly wish Luna and every writer great success. . .Have a great week ahead. . .

  3. I self-published a novel in 2020, two poetry collections and a short story collections, but I have unpublished my work on Kindle/Amazon. I only sold a few of my books. The process was simple enough; the quality of the final product looked acceptable, however, the whole process just feels isolating. Then again, social media is isolating. it’s just my personal choice. I am sure others have had great success and it is not my intent to discourage you. Self-publishing is just not for me. I am going to try to find a small press to help me publish my writing, perhaps. . .Who know? I might revisit self-publishing one day. Best wishes, though. . . Have a great week.

  4. Kindle is great if the end goal is to reach as many readers as possible that use Amazon, but it also sells yourself short of the reader that doesn’t.

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