Poem #310

She lies somewhere in my mind.
I put her in a box, it started to feel more like a coffin.
I am listening to music she liked,
Watching her favorite shows,
reading the books that inspired her
only to make her come out of hiding
Slowly I am realizing I’ve buried her too deep.

How can you lose a version of you in your mind?
Become unrecognizable to your own eyes?
Why did I let her go?
It was a me who knew how to navigate the world,
she saw beauty in being broken
she was unstoppable.

How do you revive a version of yourself
you already put in the grave?

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3 thoughts on “Poem #310

  1. I felt this….. wow well written Luna, and very heartbreaking and it so very true that it happens more often than it should

  2. Excellent question. Excellent words.

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