Poem #317

Our own limits are limiting
our chances at a future.
I still remember how innocent
it all was in the beginning.

Flowers and little moments.
Discovering everything
for the first time together.
And now years feel like an anchor.

Silence amplified the doubt and
you shut me out.
You used to be a book I could always read
but the doors of the library are closed now.
I feel like I no longer fit into your life.

I can’t break your walls on my own
My arms are bruised and sore.
I threw my heart at it and
it bounced back.
There aren’t any other weapons in my arsenal.

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4 thoughts on “Poem #317

  1. Powerful poem And hope there could be reyuratub

  2. *restoration

  3. “There aren’t any other weapons in my arsenal”

    That’s deep.

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