The shitshow continues

I have 5 DAYS to move out and still have not found an apartment and the situation is just getting crazier by the minute.  

I found one place but it didn’t have the rent listed so I contacted the owners through FB marketplace. The apartment is big, has a separate bedroom which is important to me because I don’t want to live in a studio, they stated that they prefer to rent to one person. The only thing that was bothering me was the location, but I was ready to live with it because I am desperate. So I talked to them and they told me that they want 800€ for the place without utilities. I laughed. I literally laughed when I read that. I would understand if it were a penthouse or a giant apartment in the city center but it wasn’t.  

And also, I would like to know where these people who can afford to live alone for 800€+utilities are and if they are willing to adopt a 27-year old. Or if they just have some spare cash to give me. 

Those same people contacted me last week asking if I would go for 600€+utilities. Sure, why not? I don’t have to live or eat or buy clothes and basic necessities. I ended up going to see the apartment because they said we could “make a deal”. They are really nice people and I understand they want to get what their apartment is worth but there was no deal to be made because they wouldn’t go below 600€. It’s like they thought I would see the apartment, love it and somehow give birth to the money I don’t have to pay the rent. So, I lost my morning going to the other part of town to see the place and it ended up nowhere.  

And now, my favorite. There was a place that I liked, it was a bit above my price range but I figured I could handle it. It was stated that the apartment is on the ground floor which it isn’t. Half the apartment is in the basement, which isn’t weird for Zagreb (my current place is in the basement level) but it wasn’t stated in the ad. The second I got to the building and the lady started taking me down the stairs, I wanted to shout “IT ISN’T GROUND FLOOR IF YOU HAVE TO GO DOWN THE FUCKING STAIRS” but I kept my cool. 

The apartment is actually really nice, has an exit to the buildings garden and, desperate as I am, I called the lady today and said I would take it. She sent me the contract this evening and I screamed. I called my boyfriend and screamed. I called my mom and screamed. We agreed on a one year lease with the possibility of extending it and then she refused to give me a cancellation period. It’s pretty classic to have 30 days to tell your landlord that you are leaving and vice versa if they want you to leave, but noooooooooo. She said that they don’t have that in their contracts because it means that I could leave whenever I want and they would have to look for a new tenant which is really hard to do in a city where there is too much people and not enough real estate for rent (read sarcastically). 

She also wanted me to pay a 60€ cleaning fee which I didn’t get and then she explained that once I decide to leave the apartment they would have to hire a cleaning lady to clean the apartment. Am I the only person who thinks this is insane. Like I have to pay someone to clean your apartment after I move out and leave it clean as we agreed in the contract that I would? The whole contract was done in a way to protect her and leave me completely hanging in case of literally anything. I refused to sign it. 

So I am still apartment-less and only have 5 days to find a place, sign a contract and move all of my shit there.  

Stay tuned for more updates on the hell that is my life right now.  

Being born not-rich sucks.

Below is the link to my book on Kindle if you want to support my dream of not sleeping under a bridge in 5 days. 



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3 thoughts on “The shitshow continues

  1. Sorry to read this, Luna. It sounds seriously messed up. For what it’s worth, I know what it’s like to be made homeless and it’s seriously awful. But things have a way of working themselves out in the end. Good luck on your apartment hunt!

  2. I’ll curl up, read your book and pray for a place for you this evening. 🌻💚

  3. I hope you get a place soon.

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